nagamahesh maluru

nagamahesh maluru

I met Dr. Chakri two days after a severe ancle injury for second consultation as I was already advised for an immediate surgery. Just by looking into scan images and physical examination he ruled out the need for a surgery. I was put onto 6 weeks casting. However, due to my pressing professional needs I forced him to take off casting after 3 weeks. But was actively under his supervision for a month. My ankle injury is 95% recovered. It’s been 6 months and the recovery is in progress as expected. If I don’t abuse my ankle any further and take proper Physiotheraphy, I would become normal in a month or two.

I sincerely thank Dr. Chakri for being honest, for his excellent diagnose and treatment. He would have easily charged me over 50k for surgery had he wanted, however he chose not to. Overall treatment costed me less than 5k. Moreover his approach to listen to my silly queries all the time with patience and smile was applaudable.

I would recommend Dr. Chakri for any complicated Ortho treatments without any hesitation.

Thank you Dr. Chakri for your advices.


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Dr. Chakradhar

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