Patient Testimonials

  • Very nice doctor . Treated my mum’s shoulder with a keyhole surgery and she is quite pleased with the result.

  • I have seen Dr chakri for my mum’s shoulder pain; he gave an injection and her pain got better completely; I strongly suggest the doctor and his knowledge is quite super.

  • Excellent doctor has lot of patience. All my patients have given a good feedback.

  • Dr. ChakradharReddy is really great, very kind and gentle Orthopedic Surgeon in Hyderabad. He has foreign degrees and experience in Orthopedic Surgery to his credit.
    Dr. ChakradharReddy has over 15 years of (UK & India) experience and service behind him. A great family man. A really great human being. Visited the doctor for the several Orthopedic issues of my family members all worked really well and he is very much result oriented doctor which makes patients very much happy.
    For any Orthopedic issues will definitely recommend the Dr Chakri’s clinic.

  • Dr. Chakradhar Reddy is very practical and patient centered in his approach. He always gives an honest opinion and offers realistic solutions. He recommends surgery only if conservative measures are not an option. So, you can be sure that you will not get an unnecessary operation from him. He is down to earth and I cannot appreciate his patience enough. I think this is by virtue of his training both in India and UK. Hyderabad is fortunate to have such a doctor with an extraordinary knowledge, skills and expertise.

  • Dr. Chakri is an exceptional doctor. He is very professional, excellent in diagnosing and produces quick results. I consulted him for a muscle spasm in my back due to which I was barely able to stand. Dr. Chakri was a able to identify the issue very quickly. He gave very specific instructions and suggestions that relieved the pain within 2 days. Extremely happy with his work.

  • I met with small accident at my child’s school in Feb 2017, had a fracture in my foot. I came to know about Dr. Chakri from neighbors and searched online. I am very impressed with the Dr. Chakri’s way of analyzing the problem and treatment. Thought I could not drive the car/bike again, but in 6 weeks I was able to walk and in 3 months by May-17 I could drive my car to office. Thanks to Dr. Chakri.

  • Doctor Chakri is a very best Doctor with great experience. Took all the time to go over my questions. Best treatment given and feeling much better.. Thank you!.

  • Dr. Chakri is a good doctor with ethics ; he treated my sons shoulder fracture without surgery though many others advices surgery ; my son is absolutely fine and we are quite happy with the service.

  • Excellent Surgeon. Caring and empathetic, took time to clearly explain the diagnosis and treatment plan. Certainly recommend for family and friends.

  • I had back pain in spinal cord and had difficulty in driving scooter and sitting on hard surfaces. I suffered for 2 months until October 17, I searched for good Orthopedic in my area in Practo and luckily I got this Clinic and met Dr. Chakri I am very much satisfied with the way he educates patients and treatment.

  • Dr. Chakradhar is an excellent doctor with lot of experience and knowledge in his field of work. Me and my family visited him on multiple occasions for various issues like frozen shoulder, knee pain, other joint pains and all were treated in very short time frame. Highly recommend him.

  • He has done operation to mother for frozen shoulder, he is great doctor, one the best doctors available in Hyderabad city for ortho.
    I am extremely happy with this treatment and way of handling patient. I would recommend this doctor for any ortho releated issues.

    Sudhakar kumandan

  • Suffering from ankle pain to my left leg. Went around doctors across many places including MIOT, CAHENNI & APPOLLO, CHENNAI, but in vain.
    Finally one of my friend referred Dr.Chakri, FRCS from UK. Met him at his clinic with a prior appointment. He has given me treatment in such a way that I have totally forgotten about my ankle pain within 2 days.
    Wonderful experience with a great doctor with minimum/small pocket.
    A doctor with associated with highest level of knowledge blended with extra ordinary care towards patients.

  • In March I had a very bad calcaneus fracture. I was not sure if I will be able to walk normally after this fracture.
    After doing some research, we decided to have a surgery by Dr. Reddy in Hyderabad.
    My surgery took 3 hours and I was on bed rest for 3 months. Despite having such a bad fracture, Dr. Reddy exceuted the surgery in the best possible manner. My physiotherapist was surprised by seeing the x-ray and he told me to appreciate the doctor on his behalf too.
    Doctor gave his constant support and he guided me even after 6-7 months of my surgery.
    Now I am able to walk comfortably without any issues.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Reddy. He is an exceptional doctor in his area of specialisation.

  • I met Dr. Chakri two days after a severe ancle injury for second consultation as I was already advised for an immediate surgery. Just by looking into scan images and physical examination he ruled out the need for a surgery. I was put onto 6 weeks casting. However, due to my pressing professional needs I forced him to take off casting after 3 weeks. But was actively under his supervision for a month. My ankle injury is 95% recovered. It’s been 6 months and the recovery is in progress as expected. If I don’t abuse my ankle any further and take proper Physiotheraphy, I would become normal in a month or two.

    I sincerely thank Dr. Chakri for being honest, for his excellent diagnose and treatment. He would have easily charged me over 50k for surgery had he wanted, however he chose not to. Overall treatment costed me less than 5k. Moreover his approach to listen to my silly queries all the time with patience and smile was applaudable.

    I would recommend Dr. Chakri for any complicated Ortho treatments without any hesitation.

    Thank you Dr. Chakri for your advices.


  • My Grandma had a severe knee pain and she was unable to walk . After consulted Doctor given injection now she is completely fine.
    Thanks a lot sir.

  • I visited Dr. Chakradhar in an emergency situation wherein I had fractured both my tibia and fibula, and it required urgent surgery. I feel lucky to have been in Dr. Chakradhar’s care from the beginning itself. I had to undergo a complex ORIF surgery of the Tibia, and Dr. Chakradhar carried it out flawlessly. It has been 4 weeks post surgery now and I am recovering really well. All I can say is that I do not think anyone else could have done it better. Thank you so much Sir.

  • My mother had a fractured shoulder and she was unable to lift her hand. After chakri sir has done the surgery my mom is completely fine now.

  • One of the best and exceptional UK experience in orthopaedics.simply best surgeon. vineetha is a out standing gynecologist.

  • Dr. Chakri is good at his work his clinic has a nice look it’s clean and better than other clinics in the area I cannot recommend this highly enough.

  • He is a very good doctor with good eye and analyzation of the patient problem.

  • Dr. chakri is a very good Doctor with years experience ‘ a trustworthy Doctor.

  • ..doctors reception is good..half of disease disappeared … treatment is very simplified.previously I went to many doctors.

  • Dr. Chakradhar Reddy is an expert orthopedic surgeon with enormous experience is joint replacement surgeries, shoulder arthroscopy. Many of my patients got treated by him with excellent results.

  • Good doctor, with great skills,patient friendly,economical,well responsible.

  • Fast recovery in injuries.

  • My son’s ankle pain got relieved.

  • Excellent surgeon.

  • Excellent treatment.

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