8 Tips To Relieve Stressful Back Pain

8 Tips To Relieve Stressful Back Pain

Life is a rollercoaster, and everyone has ups and downs. Stress is a part of this ride and you end up getting flustered when things are not going your way. Health problems crop up, and that’s another worry. All put together you have a lot to deal with and your stressed. You feel exhausted, irritated and completely drained out.

The result: You’re either down with a pounding headache or a breaking back ache. Although headache is a much more common thing to hear of, a back ache is a more chronic one.

Well, that might put you in a fix.
Stress and back ache? How?
Read on to know how stress can cause severe back pain.

There are different ways to hold stress, and is quite individualistic. If you hold stress in your mind, you are likely to overthink about the problem and still have no solution. Stress blocks your clarity and you fail to think clearly. Similarly, you can hold stress in your body too. You might not realise it at once, but you end up pressurising a certain area of your body so much that the muscles get tensed resulting in throbbing pain in those areas. Your back is one such delicate areas of your body that can easily get, or is rather the most affected by stress. To be more specific, you might come across many people with lower back pain due to stress.

It’s like a vicious cycle: Pain – stress – more pain – a little more stress – excruciating pain.

So, do you have any area of your back hurt all the time?

If yes, we’ve got some tips for your back pain relief. Read on and try them. We’re sure they’ll help you.

8 tips for stress and back pain relief

Easing your pain
There will be times that you might wake up with a cramping back, and you’re clueless about what to do. The best way to ease your morning pain is to get a hot pack and dab it on your back. The heat relaxes the muscle stiffness, prevents muscle spasms, and improves blood flow to the areas that are affected.

Keep yourself on the move
Keeping yourself mentally and physically active is a much needed thing if you are stressed. If you have backache and you take to the couch and relax, the pain is sure to shoot up. An active body increases the body’s potential to fight pain, and the mind game matters too.

Back Pain Relief

Maintain the right posture
Bad posture is one of the most important aspects that leads to severe back pain. When you slouch or hunch forward, it creates a tension in the nerves which leads to pain sensation all over your back, neck and shoulders. It can also affect your memory. Your stress increases and so does your pain. So, sit upright and relax. Take short breaks and keep yourself equipped with things that can ease your pain.

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Breathe and relax
The connection of the mind and body plays an important role in relieving pain. A combination of breathing techniques and meditation are a great way to bring in positive effects in stress and back pain relief. Meditation calms your mind and breathing improves blood flow to all the parts of the body and relaxes the nervous system.

Exercise under guidance
If you are an exercise enthusiast, there’s nothing like it. But you might hurt yourself if you have no one to guide your exercise postures the right way. You can even injure your back if you try being your own trainer. It is advised to have a fitness instructor help you exercise well without hurting your back.

Stretch your hamstrings for back pain relief
The lumbar region (lower back) is the most common area where most people experience pain due to various reasons. Stress takes the most of the credit in triggering pain in the lower back. Your hamstring muscles run through the back of your thighs connecting them to your lower back. Stretching them can relax these muscles allowing them to reduce the stress that settles in your back. This is one of the best ways to get yourself some back pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Sleep well
When you are stressed, you tend to have broken or disturbed sleep. Relax yourself, and make the right efforts that put you to sleep well. Your mattress also matters. It should not be very soft or too tough either. Make sure you sleep on time and check your sleeping position.

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Don’t ignore professional help
If nothing works and you’re stuck causing further stress, don’t ignore taking professional help. It’s a safer way to keep yourself far from potential complications. Back pain can be managed and talking to your doctor can help you clear all your doubts.

Remember: Dealing with your stress is good for your health. Your back pain is just a small part that’s quite easy to tackle if you want to. Stress causing elements are countless and cannot be avoided. The art lies in how you manage stress along with nurturing your health. Exercise, healthy and timely food, and most importantly a positive attitude can flush out all the pain.

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