6 Habits That Cause Throbbing Back Aches

6 Habits That Cause Throbbing Back Aches

Backache is often associated with age, yet, now-a-days, it’s becoming a common problem even in youngsters. Blame it on the desk jobs or laziness, a hurting back can never bring good news.

If you are wondering what’s causing your back to hurt you so much that you are unable to even go about your routine work, then here are some eye-openers for you. Let’s take a quick look at the six most common habits that can harm the spinal region resulting in severe and chronic back pain.

Causes of Backache

1. If fitness and exercising is not on your priority list – Exercise is a simple way to stay fit and keep yourself healthy. It helps you relax your muscles and strengthen your bones. When you don’t exercise, the muscles become stiff and your bone strength naturally goes for a toss. The failure to perform any back or abdominal exercise usually leads to poor postures. The bones become weak and brittle over time, especially if you are prone to bone disorders. Exercising prevents orthopaedic conditions like osteoporosis – one of the most common type of arthritis (a genetic bone disorder) seen in people. Your spine is one of the most affected by bone disorders. So, exercise is important.

2. If you lead a sluggish lifestyle – When you have a back pain and limit your physical activity to ease the pain, you’re actually giving way to more pain to sneak in. When you let laziness settle in, you automatically end up limiting your activity. This restricts the blood flow to the affected area resulting in inflammation of the spinal discs, and increasing the tension in the muscles surrounding the spine. A recent survey on the top causes of back pain states that people who continue with their normal activities in spite of having back pain have better back flexibility than those who relax to ease the pain. Also, to educate you more on this note, a prolonged rest can increase the risk of complications like, decreased muscle tone, blood clots in the vertebral column, and even depression.

Back Pain Causes

3. A hunch in your posture makes it worse –When you sit and slouch/hunch you might think you’re relaxing your spine. That’s the mistake most people make and that results in a back ache. A poor posture strains the muscles which follows up in adding pressure on the spine. Over a period, this stress changes the anatomical characteristics of the spine and the pain keeps increasing by the day.

4. If your calcium and vitamin D levels are low, you’re at a risk –Calcium and Vitamin D are essential minerals that the body needs for bone strength. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin D and calcium deficiency leads to the bones becoming soft and brittle. So, if you think your bones are weak, check your calcium and vitamin D levels.

5. Smoking can cause severe inflammation –Nicotine restricts the blood flow to the discs cushioned in the vertebral column, causing the bones to degenerate. This causes the muscles to tighten and the bones lose their flexibility and results in severe back pain. This might also cause inflammation in the discs leading to bone spurs and disc degeneration which can cause chronic back pain leading to limited movement.

Back Problems Causes

6. If you weigh more than you should, you are at a higher risk – Being overweight can potentially cause lower back problems. If you are on the heavier side, especially in your torso area, your centre of gravity shifts forward causing it to strain your lower back muscles. This leads to inflammation and causes severe lower back pain.

These habits are the most common causes of back pain and are the root cause for a broad spectrum of other back problems that might also need surgical treatments. If you are suffering a back pain, you must check your posture as a first step. If it still continues to pain, it’s better not to ignore.

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