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Shoulder Replacement Surgery
A Wide Range of Orthopaedic Treatment

Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement is a speciality at Dr. Chakri’s Clinic. Arthritic or injured, we got you covered both ways. Say no to disability; fix your shoulder at our clinic.

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Joint Replacement Surgery
A Wide Range of Orthopaedic Treatment

Replacement Surgery

If ‘surgery’ scares you, try saying ‘a new joint’ instead. At Dr. Chakri’s Clinic, we ensure that your new joint is customised correctly and works as good as a natural one.

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Hip Replacement Surgery
A Wide Range of Orthopaedic Treatment

Replacement Surgery

Hip is the biggest joint and replacing it (or not) will be the biggest decision of your life. At Dr. Chakri’s Clinic, we make sure that you take the right decision.

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Knee Replacement Surgery
A Wide Range of Orthopaedic Treatment

Replacement Surgery

If your knee needs new bone tissues or even a replacement, you can find your need at Dr. Chakri’s Clinic. Get the best quality prosthetics here for the best post-surgery results.

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Sports Injuries
A Wide Range of Orthopaedic Treatment


Don’t let an injury keep you away from your favourite sport. Injured during sport or just in your daily life – get treated for all kinds of sports injuries at Dr. Chakri’s Clinic.

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Health Blogs

The secret to a good health is awareness. Acquaint yourself with the updates of the medical world with Dr. Chakradhar Reddy.

Tips To Keep Your Knees Healthy And Strong...

Knees are the la

Knees are the largest joints of your body. Ironically, it also the joint which starts wearing out the first. But it’s not very odd if you think about it - your knees carry almost all of our body weight when you are walking, or standing, or running, or jumping, or...

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Having a child is an amazing and life changing experience for every parent. Every child has his or her unique personality and watching them grow is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experience for any parent. However, along with the happiness also comes...

Do you have weak bones? It could be Osteoporosis....

Right from crack

Right from cracking your knuckles to waving at someone, from chewing food to lifting things, and all the basic things that you do involuntarily, your bones are always with you. Aren’t they? In every action that the human body does, the bones act as the support. So,...


Health Blogs

The secret to a good health is awareness. Acquaint yourself with the updates of the medical world with Dr. Chakradhar Reddy.

Get a Second Opinion

If you are doubtful about the diagnosis or you want to know about any better or alternative treatment for your orthopaedic concern, you can always visit Dr. B. Chakradhar Reddy for a second opinion.

Shoulder doctor in Hyderabad

Dr. Chakradhar Reddy

Dr. B. Chakradhar Reddy has been a true genius in his field for nearly 14 years.

He has successfully performed thousands of complex joint replacement surgeries. He takes a special interest in sports injuries. He practices at Dr. Chakri’s Clinic.

  • ACHIEVEMENTTreated 500 Professional & Olympic athletes successfully.
  • EXPERTISEShoulder and Knee Replacement, Primary and Revision Surgery.
  • MEMBER OF FOUNDATIONMember & Trustee for team of Australia Olympic Foundation.
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